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Literature Review On Impact Of Motivation On Employees Performance

Employee motivation describes an employee‘s intrinsic enthusiasm about and drives to accomplish work. Every employee is motivated about something in his or her life. Motivating employees about work is the.

  • Definitely, a high level of employee motivation among employees would positively affect their performance and increase their productivity. It is.

  • motivation from the existing literature and present a conceptual framework based on it, and it is experienced that various motivation techniques (discussed in this study) are having a positive impact on both employee satisfaction and the quality of performance in the organization; however, the model needs to be validated using quantitative measures.

  • 4. Impact of Employee Motivation on Job Performance Selected literature of recent studies was reviewed to understand the relationship between motivation and employee job performance. Kuranchie-Menash & Amponsah-Tawiah (2016) suggested that employees are motivated by total intrinsic and extrinsic rewards which leads to employee job satisfaction.